Ekas Fleet King 2017 (Ekas FK 2017)

Ekas Fleet king 2017 (EKas FK 2047) is a transducer based, data transmitting digital speed governor which has four functions
– Digital Speed Governor
– Speed Recording
– Data Transmission
– Fleet Management

Ekas FK 2017 ia a hardy speed governor that fits in all known types of buses, trucks, matatus, private cars, and motorcycles.

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It was developed by Ekas Digital Governor which for years has proved to be the ultimate speed governor where all other fail. Its manufactured by Ekas Technologies which has over 17 years of experience development and manufacturing.

Ekas Fleet King consist of three basic parts :-

  • Speed Governor – The Speed Governor maintains speed consistency at 80km/hr and does not go below 79km/hr on speed control.
  • Speed Recorder – Stored data onboard in a non-erasable memory for a period of 72hours
  • GPS/GPRS Fleet Management (Tracker) – Enable global positioning of the vehicle, real-time tracking, transmission of real-time speed data to the server.


The device is manufactured in compliance with the requirements of KEBS(KS2295 part 1 & 2), CMTE, and NTSA specifications.


Free tracking platform and individual phone app

FK 2017 Specifications

This unit operates on 12/24 volts therefore suitable for all vehicles regardless of the voltage. It is most versatile unit as it can use all known methods to pick speed from in-build signal generator in a newer vehicle, gear box mounted transducer or from GPS signal.

The unit is able to store data in an internal non-erasable memory for 72hrs and 30days in our serve. It also monitor the global position of the vehicle by longitudes and latitudes alongside the speed and able to transmit the same to our server in real time on daily basis.

Advantages of Ekas FK 2017

- Easy to retrieve data.
- Operates on 12/24V therefore suitable for all vehicles regardless their voltage.
- Easy to install
- Enhance real-time tracking for self management.
- Does not stall.
- Maintains speed at set speed with little variation.
- Optional mobile printer for data self download.
- Free computer platform for SACCOs and individual mobile app to prevent harassment.


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